Axt Combat e.V. is a young club, founded in 2016 in Berlin.
Our passion for sports, our experiences as trainers, coaches, fighters and social workers led us to found a club according to our own ideas.

We set value not only on a wide and variegated trainingschedule with qualified trainers, but also on an appreciating acting in the team. In our view training together means learning with and from eachother, not fighting against each other.
In our team of trainers we combine different experiences and we are happy to share our aquired knowledge with you. Our trainers travel regularly to train in Thailand. The style of muay thai we teach orientates at the practices there.

Our training is for people who are starting from the beginning as well as for advanced martial artists. For amateur sportspeople as well as for ambitious fighters to whom we can offer a good preparation and experienced coaching for fights.

Martial Arts doesn't only mean fighting or doing sports for us, but first of all to learn about ourselves. You can train your capacities for teamwork, your conflict management, discipline, ambition as well as the awareness of yourself and your body. Last but not least we want to teach empowering skills and a responsible use of self defence techniques.

We have a clear position against racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination in our gym! We can offer free memberships to refugees and reduced member fees for people with a low income.

Feel free to contact for questions.

We are looking forward to see you in the gym.

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Download: Membership Application

Download: Membership Application for minors (please attach a copy of parent's ID)