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Balance, Core & Stretch (BCS)

From the sun salutation to the alligator walk, this workout combines elements from Yoga, Animal Walks and other soft movement patterns. It aims to strengthen your core as well as the deep muscles around your joints. Many static and dynamic stretches improve mobility.

This coordination-challenging workout will improve strength and agility throughout your entire body, which prevents athletic injuries. Another side effect of this training is an improved active recovery time.

A trial practice can be booked for every training unit.


Known as the "art of 8 limbs", the stylistic properties of Muay Thai are elbow and knee strikes as well as the clinch. Muay Thai is best known for its most powerful round house kick with the bare shin, aimed at the thigh or the rip cage. In clinching the opponents hold each other while standing trying to bring each other out of balance. Foot sweeps and throws to the ground are valid techniques.

A trial practice can be booked for every training unit.

Functional Fitness for Fighters

This circuit training is designed as a strength & conditioning class to improve your overall athletic performance. The time intervals (heavy load phase and regeneration phase) vary during this workout. After the warm-up three to four rounds with six to eight exercises are performed. A circle may contain some of the following exercises: Burpees, Plank, TRX rowing, Kettlebell Swings, Russian Twists, Dead Lifts, Lunges, Push Ups and many more!

Despite the name "Functional Fitness for Fighters", this training is suitable for all levels! Your coaches will adjust the exercises accordingly to every individual's condition.

A trial practice can be booked for every training unit.